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[Events] Welcome to Night Vale Live at The Orpheum in Los Angeles 4/18/15

Hello, Listeners...
Hello, Listeners…

I listen to Welcome to Night Vale, the splendidly morbid podcast that provides community updates and news from the absurd little fictional town Night Vale, at night before I go to sleep. Some episodes make it quite difficult to go to sleep to, such as The Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Lives in My Home whispering quietly about how she’s always in the corner of my vision, barely out of sight. Yet, night after night I lie in bed, shrouded in darkness, listening to Cecil Palmer go on about the Event Calendar, various updates on local businesses, city politics, etc. It’s very sweet, yet dark and twisted, and my favorite podcast ever.

As the date for the live appearance approached, I was actually somewhat concerned that it would be different. Well, obviously seeing live actors perform instead of just hearing their faceless voices in your room at night is different. I guess I was more concerned with being distracted by actors, or maybe that having my eyes open wouldn’t have the same effect as lying down in my bed with my eyes closed. Silly concerns, I now know. Though I had seriously considered bringing a sleep mask.

As the actors appeared and lent their voices to the stage, it wasn’t distracting. These voices had become familiar, and their actor’s bodies were barely a focus. They didn’t distract, it was as if they were there just vessels to project the real star: The voice. Now, these actors are tremendously talented. Cecil Baldwin practically moved the crowd to tears with an emotional projected monologue that closed the show. Such tremendous power in a voice.

But if you were hesitant to see Night Vale performed live, I’m here to assure you that it’s just as great as listening to it at home, if not better. You feel more like a citizen of Night Vale. You are referred to as one. And it’s amazing that a podcast that I felt I was eavesdropping on, you know, listening to the community radio station of a town I was looking in on, now feels like I’m a part of. And aren’t we? Are we not the listeners of Night Vale Community Radio? And is community radio not meant for its community? Such a simple concept, but it feels welcoming nonetheless. The listeners of Night Vale are the people of Night Vale, and seeing your community radio broadcast live with other members of your community, ones you never met, ones you didn’t know existed, well, that’s just special, isn’t it?


[Arts] Cecilia Palmer – WTNV Fan Art


Cecilia Palmer by Spencer Richardson.

My lovely beau drew a sketch of my gender-bent vision of Cecil Palmer from Welcome to Night Vale. Expect my costume design and finished project soon!


[Audio] Welcome to Night Vale

Beautiful fanart from Michael Emig.
Beautiful fan art from Michael Emig.

Perhaps I’m late to the party, as it’s been in production since 2012, but as it has just now found its way into my life, I feel obligated – Nay! Inspired!- to mention this new love in my life. Welcome to Night Vale is the audio version of a great book that I can’t put down. I’ve been pacing myself, one episode a night, to make the soothing ritual last longer. The only thing I can think to compare it to is Twin Peaks: Another fictional place that I wish I could visit and experience for myself, though the tales of the inhabitants are alluring. There is something hypnotic and eerie about Night Vale. There is so much weirdness, so many odd intrigues that are casually mentioned in eloquent monologues of local radio announcer Cecil Palmer. And of course, there is humor. Albeit, dark. It’s wonderful, and I dread the day I catch up and have to wait the agonizing two weeks for another 30 minutes of bliss. Very few things spike my imagination to the point of longing to go to a place. Usually it’s just Disneyland.

You can find it in the Apple App Store, or here.