[Fashion] DROPDEAD Gremlins Collection


I love pop culture references in my wardrobe. I own so many Disney movie still tops it’s a bit ridiculous and I’ve had to give some of them away or I’d only ever wear Ariel’s face on my chest. My biggest peeve about having pieces that represent my fandom is that they are usually T-Shirts or hoodies and they get tired. Sometimes I don’t want to wear jeans and a tee, you know? This Gremlins collection by Dropdead has a few tees, but they also have great prints in button-up shirts! Seriously! A Gizmo printed tunic style button up top?! Love it. This is probably the best pop-culture fashion mash-up I’ve seen so far this year.

[Fashion] Ovate

Ovate Wool Cloak: Photo from Ovate's Instagram
Ovate Wool Cloak: Photo from Ovate’s Instagram

My biggest problem with goth fashion is that if it’s not done right, it looks cheesy and cheap. Ovate has got the sleek and sexy look down to a science. Every item on their website is a crucial piece of their image, a well constructed collection of black that isn’t boring. No tacky fabrics, no gimmicky buckles. Everything borders on the line of simple and intricate: The pieces are easy to add into your existing wardrobe and yet they have a sense of style that is hard to come by.

Ovate Valhalla Hoodie
Valhalla Hoodie: Perfect with skinnies and band tees.

My favorite piece would have to be the Valhalla Hoodie, mostly because hoodies are sexy to me, and I can’t really explain why. It’s over-sized in the hood, but fitted in the arms. I like the open cardigan styled (as opposed to pull-over) because I can still show off my vintage Cure shirt while wearing it. However, the wool cloak is heavenly and by far the most gorgeous cloak I have ever seen. The clasp is a scythe, which is also featured in their jewelry as earrings or rings. The mismatched scythe earrings speak to my love of asymmetry.

“Ovate is an independent clothing line designed by Audrey Cantwell and made in Montreal.” Check out their website, instagram and tumblr.

Scythe earrings: Not mismatched.
Scythe earrings.

[Fashion] Throwback to The Blonds Horror Collection


Aw, Vincent Price and Alfred Hitchcock in a sweet embrace.
Aw, Vincent Price and Alfred Hitchcock in a sweet embrace.

Happy Friday the 13th, everyone! Hope it’s a lucky one. 🙂

Now I know that The Blonds just had their newest collection shown a mere two days ago, and though the space-age Bowie-like themed designs is awe-inspiring, it’s Friday the 13th! And I find their collection from last year is just a little more appropriate for today.

Tut, tut! It looks like blood!
Tut, tut! It looks like blood!

Without any exaggeration, I literally just heard of the design team The Blonds yesterday during my lunch break. To be honest, the way they came up was me and a friend were talking about our favorite drag queens, and he mentioned how Phillipe Blond was pretty much the most gorgeous lady he’s ever seen. My ignorance was shortly dissipated as he showed me her Instagram, and in this Instagram feed, designs for the performer Ke$ha were also present. Though the designers were pleasantly embellished and gorgeous, I wasn’t feeling ultra inspired until he mentioned their horror collection from last year. And then I died.

knife dress nude with blood corset psycho dress the blonds

One thing that most people know about me is how much of a Hitchcock fan I am. Most of the pieces in their 2013 horror collection are heavily Hitchcock inspired, and tastefully so! Completely imaginative and brilliant, I am now a follower of this design duo. Their ability to use inspiration into classy and wearable pieces is a godsend, but trust me it’s not very common in their more extravagant collections. And seriously, how do I buy that raincoat?!