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[Weekend Review] A Little Bit of Villainy, A Little Bit of That…

A little weekend review in the middle of your week.

Saturday, August 24th was pretty eventful. The Motels¬†played at Red Devil Lounge. Martha Davis’ voice is still as marvelous as it ever was! Really good show, and really fun crowd. Not sure you remember The Motels? Let me just put this here to remind you:

After that, my delightful gal-pal Moxi and I went to check out the revival of Villainy SF. I had never gone to one of their nights before, but apparently the last one was in August of 2009. The front room of Cat Club was playing some really good stuff, (including The Mission UK, which may have been in tribute to their upcoming gig). The back room was purely remixes, and I’m not saying it was bad, but I’m a little picky about remixes. The second room seemed to empty out into the first towards the end of midnight. There were Fembots, (about 2 that I saw). And apparently you can’t dance on the stages in the backroom when there are go-go’s present, just a note to all of those out there who feel tempted. The next event is Star Wars, where I expect a lot of Sith lords to be present. I, personally would unveil my sexy Wampa costume, but I will be at Bar Sinister in LA that night.

Now I will leave you with this mini clip of Moxi and a Fembot:


[Events] Strangelove Presents: Villainy

Looks like Strangelove is hosting a dark dance party this coming Saturday:

Wouldn't have gone with a Dr.Evil theme, but hey, that's just me.
Wouldn’t have gone with a Dr.Evil theme, but hey, that’s just me.

Saturday, August 24th
Strangelove presents:

VILLAINY: The Dance Club with a Dark Side

In the Back Room:
with DJs TOMAS DIABLO (Strangelove)
MYKILL (Solid Bump Records)
and STARR (Club Drama)

In the Front Room:
with DJs MELTING GIRL (Death Guild)
and LOW-LIFE (New Wave City)

Fembot Go-Go Dancers

$5 before 10PM, $8 after
21+ with ID

at the CAT CLUB
1190 Folsom at 8th

Check out their Facebook page here.