[Fashion] Haunted Mansion Inspired Dooney & Bourke Purse

Haunted Mansion inspired Dooney & Bourke bag


Uh, so this exists. And it will be available at Disneyland Resort locations starting September 13th (which is a Friday. Can this be any more amazing?!) according to the Disney Parks Blog. I have never had any desire to own a Dooney & Bourke bag, but this creation is absolutely consuming me with desire. I need this in my life. And it’s like a sign from the happy haunts themselves making it available to purchase the week I will be at Disneyland. Meant to be, forever, even after death. Bury me with it, I say!


[Cosmetics] This is My Evil Queen Face





You too can look this dark and sinister on a bright and beautiful day!

Evil Queen 2 Evil Queen 1


What I used: A mineral based foundation in powder format (which is messy and I HATE IT but it has nice coverage and doesn’t ruin my skin).  This specific one is L’Oreal’s True Match Naturale gentle mineral make-up. Has some SPF in there too. The blush is a MAC limited color called “Giggle” but if I had to redo this face, I would use their “Coygirl” blush instead as it has less pink and more purple tone.  This would compliment the eyeshadows better. The eyeshadows are all in the same palette: Maybelline Eyestudio Limited Edition in “Autumn Dream”. I used the cream color from the crease to browline, the navy color for the lid and the pinkish-purple for the crease. As a base for the eyeshadow, I used one of MAC’s paints in “Untitled”. I applied it with my finger to blend it evenly and it holds the shadows in place like a primer would, but evens out the color of the eyelid skin to make a nice, clean canvas. I used a slim angled brush and MAC’s “Print” shadow to fill in my eyebrows. Black mascara on top and bottom lashes (Covergirl Lash Blast Length). Black eyeliner (MAC)  only on the bottom of the eye. And the lip color is “Chic” by Sephora.

Now I’m going to go marry a King and torment his daughter into my own personal slave out of sheer envy. Or go to class, whatever.

[Fashion] Designer Dmitry Sholokhov’s Latest Collection

I have only watched one season of Project Runway in my entire life, and it is purely because of Dmitry. It was season 10, and I was informed to watch it because “one of the guys looks like Trent Reznor”. I’m going to spoil this for you and let you know, in case you’ve never seen him, he doesn’t look that much like Trent Reznor. In fact, he’s much taller, has longer hair and piercing blue eyes and swoon. But that’s besides the point, this guy is one of the most talented designers I’ve ever seen.

Older photo of Trent used for comparison.
Older photo of Trent used for comparison.
Resemblance is there, but not intensely so, right?
Resemblance is there, but not intensely so, right?

I’m straying from the point now because I’ve distracted myself with images of hot guys with longer black hair. Anyway, I was browsing the internet when I was supposed to be doing homework and noticed he has a collection featured on O.Jen available for purchase online! A piece of Dmitry could be worn close against your body, isn’t that to die for? Granted, it won’t be his talented hands draped about your waist, but it would be totally designed by those magical hands!

Oh what, can’t read Russian? No worries, Google Chrome can translate the page for you. Can’t do that either? Apparently it will be released in retailers by now, but most likely only in Europe so, better get to learning Russian or more dresses for me.

I think my heart is set on this piece: It has a bit of a sophisticated Ziggy Stardust feel to me (it also comes in red):

Dmitry Dress

Or this!:Another Dmitry Dress!

Do I want to be sophisticated fancy with a  dash of sexy, or sophisticated sexy with a dash of fancy, I just can’t decide. One, if not seven, will be mine.

[Music] $10 or Go Fuck Yourself

NIN in 2006

In this article, Trent Reznor of the glorious Nine Inch Nails has stated his disdain for the crap he’s getting for charging for his album. And may I remind you, as this article clearly does too, that he gave his 2008 album The Slip away for free? Is that not enough? No seriously, I want feedback on this.

I would pay way more than $10 to see this man live, so I can’t be that upset about him charging for his art. I have spent $14 including shipping to get a poster of his face. Though it grants me hours of inspiration, I doubt it is as cost-effective as buying his new album.

[Fashion] High Waisted Subtle Acid-Washed Jeans

i just found these great jeans at Urban Outfitters that are high waisted, ankle length and skinny leg with a very subtle hint of acid wash. This hint gives it a grayish hint of color and is a great use of gray, as I had mentioned previously. The pictures on the website make the acid wash look more prominent than it really is, so I took some photos of my pair in the bathroom for real-life translation:

Worn with my Frye Harness Boots, which is my personal favorite boot brand.
Worn with my Frye Harness Boots, which is my personal favorite boot brand.

Profile view close-up

The slight hint of gray makes them break up solid black outfits while still keeping the outfit dark. They are super comfortable, but they do stretch out. You might want to size down, especially if you’re small waisted. And as of right now, they are on sale. If you live in SF, the closest location is the one on Powell and Ellis, across the street from Macy’s Downtown.

[Weekend Review] A Little Bit of Villainy, A Little Bit of That…

A little weekend review in the middle of your week.

Saturday, August 24th was pretty eventful. The Motels played at Red Devil Lounge. Martha Davis’ voice is still as marvelous as it ever was! Really good show, and really fun crowd. Not sure you remember The Motels? Let me just put this here to remind you:

After that, my delightful gal-pal Moxi and I went to check out the revival of Villainy SF. I had never gone to one of their nights before, but apparently the last one was in August of 2009. The front room of Cat Club was playing some really good stuff, (including The Mission UK, which may have been in tribute to their upcoming gig). The back room was purely remixes, and I’m not saying it was bad, but I’m a little picky about remixes. The second room seemed to empty out into the first towards the end of midnight. There were Fembots, (about 2 that I saw). And apparently you can’t dance on the stages in the backroom when there are go-go’s present, just a note to all of those out there who feel tempted. The next event is Star Wars, where I expect a lot of Sith lords to be present. I, personally would unveil my sexy Wampa costume, but I will be at Bar Sinister in LA that night.

Now I will leave you with this mini clip of Moxi and a Fembot: