[Cosmetics] Peri’s Tint by Peripera in “Cherry Juice”

Cherry Juice shade of Peri's Tint by Peripera
Cherry Juice shade of Peri’s Tint by Peripera


Accidentally fell upon a Korean marketplace in Anaheim while looking for a record store. Apparently, all of them are seriously gone, by the way. We tried to get to two different record stores and both were no more. In this market, I found a cosmetic counter that carried this brand that I personally have never heard of called Peripera. Honestly, I chose this based on the cute packaging. I’m kind of an easy sell on cute stuff.

The tint is very watery, and it’s kind of annoying because in my case, it seeped into my mouth and feathered a bit on my upper lip. It tastes icky, but not enough to never wear it again. However, the tint dries quickly and stays on well. It also shows up great, as you can see in the photo above. The lower left is without any product on my lips, and the lower right is with just the stain on.

I like a more bold lip, so I intend to use this stain under some red liner and lipstick for a cherry red lip. I do like how the stain sets and brings a nice, soft red color to my lips. Underneath a balm, it looks like I have naturally rose-colored lips, like so much Snow White.

I found this product for $10. You can get it on eBay from $7-$12.

[Fashion] Lydia Deetz Hair

Eat your heart out, Lydia.
Eat your heart out, Lydia Deetz.

Last Friday night it was Dark Shadows’ Beetlejuice themed night. Obviously I had to tease my hair into a giant rat’s nest for the occasion. I had learned this practically painless (well, until you brush it out the next morning/afternoon) procedure from a YouTube tutorial. Basically, put half of your hair into a ponytail and the very top and center of your head. Then douse it in AquaNet hairspray before teasing every bit of it with a thin toothed comb. It’s really that simple. I also add another coat of AquaNet at the end, to ensure the volume of tease. Bow is optional.

[Photos] Daytime Attire


Working out the distressed look with Rag and Bone jeans in Warhol, my beloved Frye harness boots and an asymmetrical graphic tank by Free People. Over-sized cardi by Bloomingdale’s own brand, Aqua.

Gray is totally goth.

[Photos] The Great Peter Pumpkin Patch in Petaluma, CA

At Great Peter Pumpkin Patch in Petaluma. Photo by J. Rossman.
Children playing in corn. I am displeased.

Went to my first pumpkin patch this week. Was attacked by dry, cold winds and dust. Luckily I had been listening to a lot of MCR’s Danger Days and wore my Killjoy bandanna so I was somewhat prepared. Goths in rural areas, it’s as funny as it sounds. Pumpkins were a bit more expensive than at the grocery store, but I guess you’re paying extra for the experience, which is odd. I felt like so much city girl stuck on her uncle’s farm in some Hollywood rom-com. The farmer was also very insistent on me milking one of the cows. I sternly declined.

Photo by J.Rossman
I’m the black speck among the farmland.

And the aftermath:

Mine is Maleficent as a dragon. Jacob went traditional.
Mine is Maleficent as a dragon. Jacob went traditional.

[Photos] Goth of the Week: Robert

Robert Schofield, I still think you're goth.
Robert Schofield, I still think you’re goth. Photo taken by Cat.

A long time ago, during my first attempt at community college, I met Robert Schofield who was then a zine creator and webzine founder. He was one of the prominent goths of my younger years. But he moved to Portland and I think it’s fair to say that when you make a big move from one place to another, you evolve naturally and sometimes that means leaving a lifestyle behind. I feared I’d never see my favorite ginger as a goth again, but alas! He has granted me this gift: A colorless photo of him in a supposed haunted place called The Witch’s Castle in Forest Park. It brings such sweet joy to my decaying heart.

Check out Robert’s current project, Grounds for Dismissal, where he reviews coffee shops around Portland.

[Halloween] Disney Princesses Dressed for Halloween And A Small Rant on Costumes

Princess Aurora as Daenerys Targaryen
Princess Aurora as Daenerys Targaryen


Princess Jasmine as Chun Li
Princess Jasmine as Chun Li

I know that this blog has been heavily Disney orientated , and I guess I could apologize about that, but there is a goth following, albeit maybe not the first following you’d think of in regards to Disney, that exists and it is flourishing this Halloween.  As you can see from the picture posted above, a talented and creative artist by the name of Isaiah Stephens dressed Disney princesses into some fantastic Halloween costumes.

The one thing that I noticed about these pieces was how appropriate their costumes were for their characters. Princess Aurora, most commonly known as Sleeping Beauty, as Daenerys from Game of Thrones is oddly fitting because of the “Mother of Dragons” and well, granted Aurora didn’t do much but sleep in the presence of the dragon, she’s still associated with them. Perhaps a better example is Princess Jasmine as Street Fighter’s Chun Li: Both strong female characters that break the damsel in distress stereotype and fight for their own fate. It adds this exciting other dimension to these characters we already love by imagining what inspires them and who they would choose to be for Halloween.

Tiana as Korra
Tiana as Korra

I noticed that in these pictures, there wasn’t so much skin revealed and yet a lot of sex appeal. It’s good for that to be recognized, because there are days when I don’t want to wear the high heels and short dress, but still want to feel attractive. A few years ago I wanted to be Snow White for Halloween. You would not believe what a struggle it was to not find a “slutty” version of this costume. I ended up having to buy a deluxe version (with no regrets) that came with a velvet blue corset and a long yellow skirt for over $100. I am in no way shaming the “slutty” versions of anything, because I don’t think for a second that short skirts and low cut tops really announce a person’s sexual morality. But there is a bit of pressure to be sexy on Halloween.

On the other hand, what makes a costume “slutty” anyway? Just because it’s short? In fact, this year when I went out looking for my Halloween costume this year, I mentioned to the lady assisting me that I needed it to be short, and before I could explain it was because my character would be in battle and needed attire appropriate for swift movement, she reminded me that the Halloween store down the street sold sexy costumes, as if they were above that type of nonsense. I get that this chick probably assumed that I wanted to skank it up and show off my goods, but that was just wrong and it made me kinda pissed. Why is a short dress automatically assumed as the slutty version of something?