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[Events] Welcome to Night Vale Live at The Orpheum in Los Angeles 4/18/15

Hello, Listeners...
Hello, Listeners…

I listen to Welcome to Night Vale, the splendidly morbid podcast that provides community updates and news from the absurd little fictional town Night Vale, at night before I go to sleep. Some episodes make it quite difficult to go to sleep to, such as The Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Lives in My Home whispering quietly about how she’s always in the corner of my vision, barely out of sight. Yet, night after night I lie in bed, shrouded in darkness, listening to Cecil Palmer go on about the Event Calendar, various updates on local businesses, city politics, etc. It’s very sweet, yet dark and twisted, and my favorite podcast ever.

As the date for the live appearance approached, I was actually somewhat concerned that it would be different. Well, obviously seeing live actors perform instead of just hearing their faceless voices in your room at night is different. I guess I was more concerned with being distracted by actors, or maybe that having my eyes open wouldn’t have the same effect as lying down in my bed with my eyes closed. Silly concerns, I now know. Though I had seriously considered bringing a sleep mask.

As the actors appeared and lent their voices to the stage, it wasn’t distracting. These voices had become familiar, and their actor’s bodies were barely a focus. They didn’t distract, it was as if they were there just vessels to project the real star: The voice. Now, these actors are tremendously talented. Cecil Baldwin practically moved the crowd to tears with an emotional projected monologue that closed the show. Such tremendous power in a voice.

But if you were hesitant to see Night Vale performed live, I’m here to assure you that it’s just as great as listening to it at home, if not better. You feel more like a citizen of Night Vale. You are referred to as one. And it’s amazing that a podcast that I felt I was eavesdropping on, you know, listening to the community radio station of a town I was looking in on, now feels like I’m a part of. And aren’t we? Are we not the listeners of Night Vale Community Radio? And is community radio not meant for its community? Such a simple concept, but it feels welcoming nonetheless. The listeners of Night Vale are the people of Night Vale, and seeing your community radio broadcast live with other members of your community, ones you never met, ones you didn’t know existed, well, that’s just special, isn’t it?

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[Events] HIM at The Fillmore

Last night I saw HIM in concert at The Fillmore. I had never seen them before, and to say I didn’t have a certain level of expectations would be untrue. When I started listening to HIM, I was 16 years old, very angsty and totally infatuated with pretty boys. Ville Valo was of course no exception. That being said, I went to this show with the hopes of seeing a bare-chested, hip-gyrating Finnish swooner. You know, something like this:


That was not the case. Granted, it has been over 15 years since that photo was taken, so realistically I shouldn’t have held my breath. Despite Ville wearing a cardigan, a scarf, a hat that may have been borrowed by a Newsie, a Beastmilk tee and very tight skinny jeans (that he looked amazing in, I’d like to say), he did not disappoint. His vocals live are just as smooth as they are on his records. The band was flawless. The crowd was pretty mellow. All in all, a great show. I just need to remember that bands I listened to in high school are, like me, much older now.


But let’s be real, Ville Valo is still a very attractive man.

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[Music][Video] Crashfaster – Beacon

For those in the San Francisco area that did not attend crashfaster‘s album release party last night, you failed. The album was not only performed (amazingly well), it was given away as a free download. I can honestly say that before crashfaster, I never felt that connected to 8bit music, but as was stated on the event info, crashfaster has “[evolved] from a gameboy-wielding solo act into a snarling, four-bodied electro-rock monster”. Their shit is heavy. I promise to write  a much more poetic review on the album, but in the meantime, check out their video for “Beacon”.

P.S If you’re wondering why their name isn’t capitalized, it wasn’t on their main page and I feel this is probably an artistic choice. You might not know this (or really care to) but silverchair also never capitalized their name.

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[Fashion] Lydia Deetz Hair

Eat your heart out, Lydia.
Eat your heart out, Lydia Deetz.

Last Friday night it was Dark Shadows’ Beetlejuice themed night. Obviously I had to tease my hair into a giant rat’s nest for the occasion. I had learned this practically painless (well, until you brush it out the next morning/afternoon) procedure from a YouTube tutorial. Basically, put half of your hair into a ponytail and the very top and center of your head. Then douse it in AquaNet hairspray before teasing every bit of it with a thin toothed comb. It’s really that simple. I also add another coat of AquaNet at the end, to ensure the volume of tease. Bow is optional.

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[Events] Hitchcock Week

I can't think of a better way to spend Halloween!
I can’t think of a better way to spend Halloween!

Starting last night with the classic Psycho, The Davies Symphony Hall will be accompanying timeless Hitchcock films with the SF Symphony! Might I suggest seeing The Lodger on Halloween night? The film is what Hitchcock considers his “first true Hitchcock film” and is greatly inspired by Griffith’s epics of the 1920’s. Creepy and eerie despite the absence of speech, this movie is one of my favorites! And not only because Ivor Novello is so attractive in it.

Ivor Novello is The Lodger
Ivor Novello is The Lodger
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[Entertainment] Dead Man’s Party Revival! But Not Really… But Close Enough!


When I was a young girl, my father told me stories of how every Halloween, a magical event would happen. People would gather from all over southern California, some from across the country!, just to witness the most wonderful of happenings. Oingo Boingo’s Halloween show. By the time I was old enough to attend, they had stopped. No prayers to the Great Pumpkin seemed to work, until now. And granted it wasn’t exactly what I prayed for, it’s more like when you tell your parents you want the Buster Bunny plush doll that is clearly BLUE, but they get you Babs because she’s pink and has bows in her ears, which are pretty pointless when you think about it. And also, I’m pretty sure I never got a Babs! I think my dad just says that to make himself feel better, because I only remember the Plucky he bought his girlfriend at the time and I obviously remember A LOT. DAD. Ahem, anyway…

See the difference?!
See the difference?!
This one I clearly remember belonging to my step-mother.
This one I clearly remember belonging to my step-mother.


I digress. The monumental occasion that is coming to Los Angeles this Halloween is that Danny Elfman will be singing, live, on a stage, for a concert. For reals! I’m not even joking! Unless that link is joking. Is it joking?! Okay, so the bummer is that it’s Tim Burton soundtracks, which is kinda actually cool if you’ve ever wanted to hear Jack Skelington in concert (I have! and thanks dad, for the Jack stuff you get me for Christmas every year). So, still no Oingo Boingo, but maybe this will lead to that! I’m so tempted to sell all my stuff and buy tickets for this, but I fear tickets might be impossible to get at this point. Fingers crossed and more prayers to the Pumpkin that I can go and report back!


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[Weekend Review] A Little Bit of Villainy, A Little Bit of That…

A little weekend review in the middle of your week.

Saturday, August 24th was pretty eventful. The Motels played at Red Devil Lounge. Martha Davis’ voice is still as marvelous as it ever was! Really good show, and really fun crowd. Not sure you remember The Motels? Let me just put this here to remind you:

After that, my delightful gal-pal Moxi and I went to check out the revival of Villainy SF. I had never gone to one of their nights before, but apparently the last one was in August of 2009. The front room of Cat Club was playing some really good stuff, (including The Mission UK, which may have been in tribute to their upcoming gig). The back room was purely remixes, and I’m not saying it was bad, but I’m a little picky about remixes. The second room seemed to empty out into the first towards the end of midnight. There were Fembots, (about 2 that I saw). And apparently you can’t dance on the stages in the backroom when there are go-go’s present, just a note to all of those out there who feel tempted. The next event is Star Wars, where I expect a lot of Sith lords to be present. I, personally would unveil my sexy Wampa costume, but I will be at Bar Sinister in LA that night.

Now I will leave you with this mini clip of Moxi and a Fembot:


[Events] Strangelove Presents: Villainy

Looks like Strangelove is hosting a dark dance party this coming Saturday:

Wouldn't have gone with a Dr.Evil theme, but hey, that's just me.
Wouldn’t have gone with a Dr.Evil theme, but hey, that’s just me.

Saturday, August 24th
Strangelove presents:

VILLAINY: The Dance Club with a Dark Side

In the Back Room:
with DJs TOMAS DIABLO (Strangelove)
MYKILL (Solid Bump Records)
and STARR (Club Drama)

In the Front Room:
with DJs MELTING GIRL (Death Guild)
and LOW-LIFE (New Wave City)

Fembot Go-Go Dancers

$5 before 10PM, $8 after
21+ with ID

at the CAT CLUB
1190 Folsom at 8th

Check out their Facebook page here.

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[Event] Trannyshack: Depeche Mode Vs. Siouxsie

Siouxsie Sioux projected on the side wall of DNA Lounge last Friday.
Siouxsie Sioux projected on the side wall of DNA Lounge last Friday. Photo by xtine noir.


Went to my first ever Trannyshack on Friday night. It was Depeche Mode vs. Siouxsie and the Banshees, how could I resist? Though I was slightly disappointed that no one performed “Christine” (not only my namesake, but a song clearly about a transvestite), the show was pretty spectacular. Despite the popular misconception that drag shows are all fluff and gags, there was some real depth to the performances that night. Granted, there was a drag queen dicing up her husband and shooting girl scouts to Siouxsie’s “Happy House”, there were also heavy portrayals of the saddest parts of history, including the Native Americans exploited by the white men and the struggle for equality in the gay community. Intense stuff, but ridiculous amounts of fun nonetheless.

Check their website for upcoming shows, though I will warn you that dark themes are few and far between.