[Audio] Welcome to Night Vale

Beautiful fanart from Michael Emig.
Beautiful fan art from Michael Emig.

Perhaps I’m late to the party, as it’s been in production since 2012, but as it has just now found its way into my life, I feel obligated – Nay! Inspired!- to mention this new love in my life. Welcome to Night Vale is the audio version of a great book that I can’t put down. I’ve been pacing myself, one episode a night, to make the soothing ritual last longer. The only thing I can think to compare it to is Twin Peaks: Another fictional place that I wish I could visit and experience for myself, though the tales of the inhabitants are alluring. There is something hypnotic and eerie about Night Vale. There is so much weirdness, so many odd intrigues that are casually mentioned in eloquent monologues of local radio announcer Cecil Palmer. And of course, there is humor. Albeit, dark. It’s wonderful, and I dread the day I catch up and have to wait the agonizing two weeks for another 30 minutes of bliss. Very few things spike my imagination to the point of longing to go to a place. Usually it’s just Disneyland.

You can find it in the Apple App Store, or here.

By xtine noir.

Gothic alchemist witch from San Francisco here to help you navigate your later goth years.

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