[Cosmetics] Lime Crime Serpentina and Velvetine

Serpentina! Sold out! Noooo!
Serpentina! Sold out! Noooo!

If you ever need a bold and opaque lipstick in outrageous yet splendidly playful colors, Lime Crime. You will need make-up remover and a few cotton balls to get it off your face, but totally worth the bold look. I would suggest a lip primer underneath it though! Nothing worse than chapped colorful lips. This remarkably sinister Serpentina is perfect for any and all Medusas, Poison Ivys or anyone who wants a sparkly green accent to their holiday outfit. Unfortunately, it’s sold out on the website, but thankfully Amazon has three available (at the time of this draft).

Kiss proof, you say?
Kiss proof, you say?

The website also claims to have a lip stain that not only dries to a matte. velvet finish, but is kiss- proof! I would love to test this theory, however the Velvetines collection is not currently available on their site. There is a silver lining; The latest color is set to release on November 29th.

By xtine noir.

Gothic alchemist witch from San Francisco here to help you navigate your later goth years.

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