[Film] Only Lovers Left Alive

I would love to write a brief blurb about the details of this movie, but I’m too far indulged in Tom Hiddleston as a goth rock vampire type to really focus on anything else. Humminuh. All I can say is that Tom’s role choices keep making me feel like he’s the happiest goth in existence. All smiles in interviews and all drama and sharp angles in cinema. I would love to have a goth-centered interview with that man, among other things. Do you think he’d dress up as Loki and let me sit on his lap? Okay, how about this brooding vampire in leather gloves? No? Damn. Wait, am I objectifying Tom for his physical form and not noting his abundance of talent?! What have I become?!

Okay, I stopped watching the trailer long enough to find out stuff about the film. It’s German and it’s coming out in December. Merry Christmas to us all.


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xtine noir.

An eclectic and obscure goth, currently residing in Anaheim, CA.

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