Halloween Product Review

[Halloween] Pumpkin Flavored/Scented Everything

Much thanks to Holly for taking a photo of my baked goods.
Much thanks to Holly for taking a photo of my baked goods.

One of the few things that bring me as much joy as the holiday season in general is the seasonal arrival of all things pumpkin. The first real hint of it for me this year was when Starbucks returned to serving the Pumpkin Spice Latte in September, and would you believe it’s 10 years old?! I know it’s a total corporate marketing ploy, but I truly feel like Fall is here as soon as the PSL is back on the menu.  I prefer it made with soy, the vanilla flavor adds a lush smoothness to it.

After fall being here was established, it was propelled with flourishing excitement by the Trader Joe’s Fearless Flyer! So many pumpkin options for the pantry, home and body! Just skimming the shopping list sends me into a rabid frenzy of shouting “I must have all the pumpkin things” quite literally. I have received a sampling of some of these items, including that Pumpkin Body Butter (listed at the top of the “what’s new” section) that I have psyched myself up for so much that I am planning an entire grooming ritual around it. I ate pumpkin ravioli today for lunch, and was up until 1am baking some pumpkin cupcakes with cheesecake frosting last night. Excessive? Probably.

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