[Fashion] Wednesday Grows Up

2013-09-12 10.48.25
School girl outfit for the modest.
2013-09-12 10.48.29
Bowties: Still cool.
2013-09-12 10.48.37
Exposed rose gold zipper in back
2013-09-12 10.48.41
Close-up in case you didn’t believe me.

How adorable is this? Almost too adorable and slightly leaning towards “Lolita” fashion which I’m not sure I’m entirely comfortable with. However the cut and style of this dress definitely speaks sophistication with a hint of playfulness. The scalloped edge of the fabric against the black is precious, and almost overlooked. Same as the rose gold exposed back zipper. I envision this is what Wednesday Addams would be seen wearing to the office. I wish it had cap sleeves, but I guess a little cardigan or blazer would make it work for me. Ted Baker, $275.

By xtine noir.

Gothic alchemist witch from San Francisco here to help you navigate your later goth years.

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