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[Entertainment] Dead Man’s Party Revival! But Not Really… But Close Enough!


When I was a young girl, my father told me stories of how every Halloween, a magical event would happen. People would gather from all over southern California, some from across the country!, just to witness the most wonderful of happenings. Oingo Boingo’s Halloween show. By the time I was old enough to attend, they had stopped. No prayers to the Great Pumpkin seemed to work, until now. And granted it wasn’t exactly what I prayed for, it’s more like when you tell your parents you want the Buster Bunny plush doll that is clearly BLUE, but they get you Babs because she’s pink and has bows in her ears, which are pretty pointless when you think about it. And also, I’m pretty sure I never got a Babs! I think my dad just says that to make himself feel better, because I only remember the Plucky he bought his girlfriend at the time and I obviously remember A LOT. DAD. Ahem, anyway…

See the difference?!
See the difference?!
This one I clearly remember belonging to my step-mother.
This one I clearly remember belonging to my step-mother.


I digress. The monumental occasion that is coming to Los Angeles this Halloween is that Danny Elfman will be singing, live, on a stage, for a concert. For reals! I’m not even joking! Unless that link is joking. Is it joking?! Okay, so the bummer is that it’s Tim Burton soundtracks, which is kinda actually cool if you’ve ever wanted to hear Jack Skelington in concert (I have! and thanks dad, for the Jack stuff you get me for Christmas every year). So, still no Oingo Boingo, but maybe this will lead to that! I’m so tempted to sell all my stuff and buy tickets for this, but I fear tickets might be impossible to get at this point. Fingers crossed and more prayers to the Pumpkin that I can go and report back!


By xtine noir.

Gothic alchemist witch from San Francisco here to help you navigate your later goth years.

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